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Tipi for Cats


Cats love to hide in soft, warm and fluffy places for their nap. It is for this reason that tipis are perfect beds for your companion. These tipis are shelters appreciated by cats because they can hide, nap or simply cower around to observe . It is an ideal hideaway for your cat to sleep in peace! All our tipis have a removable cushion.

The cushion has a soft fur side for the comfort of the cat and a waterproof nylon side. The teepees all contain a bell toy hanging from the top to entertain your cat.

Very easy to clean, the cushion is machine washed at 30 ° C.

Our tipis come in two sizes: 36 cm (size S) and 44 cm (size L).

  44.90 €
44.90 €
  44.90 €
29.90 €